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SPI, Swiss Private International, can commit, manage and find expatriation or relocation solutions for your company.



Truthfully, our expatriation consultants have an extensive knowledge and solid experience in geographic processes flexibility or mobility. Indeed, it will permit us to provide a productive, persuasive, and effective advices to your company either your expatriate employees.

Our housing search program, mixed with our analyse of perception and our objective of providing the excellence, will allow you to have a clear overview and apercu of the residential zones.
Always guided and assisted nonetheless, we will provide you useful addresses, maps, phone numbers and useful information on how to adapt to the new area, evidently, all before your final decision or selection of the dwelling.

Relocation services


Home search, School search

Moving coordination, Career transition

Comparative salary in different destinations, Local market studies


National or international relocation services


Our agents will arranged all the services prior arrival and will make correspond with your requirements or your employees’ business trip.


at its finest

Entrust your expatriation to professionals

Our advisors are designed to provide information on the day-to-day life in the host country, city or neighbourhood, with also a special care and accentuation on residential area, to compare and choose the perfect tapered types of available houses, all this with a particular study of the market price and the facilities offered by the area.

Advantage and benefit

  • Meeting and welcome pack.
  • Practical information of the destination city.
  • Tour of the city and the various residential and areas of interest.
  • Escort tour and visits of the potential houses.
  • Excursion of the city and the various residential and areas of interest.
  • Advice and general information of the area of interest, homes, schools, banks, etc.

In summary, our logo is to improve and make more profitable and effective the practices the field of national or international displacements

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